Hearo is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment during Level 2.

We also run medical Hepa anti viral air filters in our clinics as a precaution. Please do let us know if you are feeling unwell  before your appointment. If you have any concerns please let us know.


Independent local hearing centre

ACC Accredited

Short waiting


Easy to book appointments


It's been a dream come true to move to New Zealand, life really did begin at 40!  Now it’s a further dream come true to form HEARO, in Te Awamutu, my home town, where we have a created a clinic with an individual, boutique, friendly feel, at 197 Alexandra Street. We are also lucky enough to provide our services at our HEARO Anglesea Clinic Pharmacy in Hamilton and a visiting clinic to Morrinsville Unichem Pharmacy


With the latest state of the art sound proofing and equipment, we perform extremely accurate Hearing Assessments and are accredited by ACC to carry out work for ACC tests and applications. We also have ideal clinic rooms in Anglesea Pharmacy, Hamilton, and also in Unichem Pharmacy in Morrinsville.


It was absolutely crucial to us that HEARO was fully independent. We are not owned or funded by any hearing aid manufacturer, and have no agenda. Being fully independent, we are fully able to prescribe hearing aids of any make and design.


I would say that cost is absolutely vital, and we do our very best to offer very cost-effective solutions. I would highly recommend comparing our prices. Even a very simple hearing aid can be better than no hearing aid.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

-Martin Stratton, Owner


“I've been in the farming/shearing industries and loud noise has been standard in my work. As deafness is gradual, you don't seem to notice until you're talking in a conversation & really can't hear - especially if there's other background noise, until one day I was working for Martin & he offered to test my hearing. Being a little reluctant, I wasn't going to be bothered, but decided why not. Martin put me through the tests, picking up what was needed & fitted/set me up with hearing aids which you don't notice you're wearing except for you can hear really good again.. definitely makes you realise how poor my hearing had become.


I would recommend Martin at Hearo for his professional approach/service plus the quality, set up/tuning of the hearing devices. After-sales service is great & on going so it's not like you get sold something & forgotten about. I feel so confident wearing hearing aids as they are discreet.. so thank you Hearo.” 


—  Tony Knight


Deafness is an ‘invisible’ disability. As a result, many deaf and hearing impaired people often experience feelings of isolation, loneliness and frustration.

Apart from alerting the person to sounds, hearing dogs offer great companionship, security, greater independence, reduced stress, and social interaction.

HEARO is a very proud sponsor of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People NZ - and their team is even more excited to bring treats for the dogs and the team!

Te Awamutu:

197 Alexandra Street

Te Awamutu

Phone: 07 214 2277


Anglesea Pharmacy

Gate 1 Anglesea Clinic

Thackeray Street


Phone: 07 214 2277


Unichem Pharmacy

72 Studholme Street


07 214 2277


Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4.30pm   

Evening & Saturday appointments on request

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