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What You Can Expect From Our Audiology In Hamilton

At our audiology clinic in Hamilton, you have the opportunity to have your hearing tested and receive the best advice regarding your results and hearing aids. We supply several brands and designs to suit your needs. During your hearing test in Hamilton, NZ and our other clinics in Te Awamutu, Kawhia, Matamata, and Cambridge, we use advanced technology that applies accurate ear measurement to receive the acoustic measurement of your ear canal. Our mashed speed signals range between soft, normal, and loud to ensure your hearing levels and the hearing aid are accurate with ideal results.

Signs You Should Visit Our Free Ear Clinic Near Hamilton

We understand the minor hearing difficulties such as asking somebody to repeat themselves occasionally or turning the television louder when there is background noise. However, when these instances are more than occasional, you should consider a hearing test.

  • If you find yourself turning your neck and body towards sounds to hear them better, it might indicate hearing loss. When there is background noise, most people do this, so consider how frequently it occurs.

  • When you find missed calls on your phone, but the ringer is on loud, or you seem to be missing your alarms every morning, you might be experiencing hearing loss. These noises tend to use a very loud frequency if your phone is not on vibrate, so you should be able to hear them very comfortably.

  • Difficulty hearing can be physically draining. It sounds odd, but so much energy goes into listening if you struggle to hear; you have to focus even harder on what you’re listening to, and this focus could leave you drained after a conversation.

Image by Mark Paton
Image by Mark Paton

Prepare For Your Hearing Test Around Hamilton

Once you have booked your hearing test with our audiologist, there are some steps you can follow to ensure your comfort and reliable results.

  • If you know you struggle with hearing, it might be beneficial to bring a family member, friend or pen and paper to make sure you capture all the necessary information. It will ensure you get all your results and gives you the chance to ask all your questions. Loss of hearing can be a significant life-changing situation, so having somebody with you for support can help.

  • Take care of your health before your appointment. Having the flu or a cold creates mucous in the hearing canal that can cause hearing blockages and influence your test results.

  • Don’t book your appointment the day after a music concert. Loud noises can temporarily reduce your hearing quality and last up to sixteen hours which can botch your test results.

About Hearo

At our Hearo Anglesea Clinic Pharmacy in Hamilton, we use modern soundproofing and equipment to ensure all our tests results are accurate. We are registered ACC providers and provide cost-effective solutions. We aim for you to have the best hearing and comfort, so we will fit you with a hearing aid and change what does not work for you. We don’t want you having a background whistle or itchy hearing aid.

Contact us today for your free hearing test in Hamilton.