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Salvage Your Hearing: Cambridge Audiology Offers Matchless Prices and Service

There are basically three kinds of hearing loss. At Cambridge audiology, we will determine which part of your hearing has been damaged.

Things You Can Learn from Our Audiologists in Cambridge

Our independent local hearing centre is a registered ACC supplier who does home visits and runs mobile clinics.


  • Our audiologists in Cambridge can help you determine whether you have conductive hearing loss, making it difficult for sounds to get to your inner ear because they cannot get through your outer and middle ear. This causes loud sounds to be muffled and makes it hard to hear soft sounds.

  • Conductive hearing loss can have several causes. These include fluid in the middle ear – resulting from allergies or colds – a middle ear infection, and fluid remaining in the middle ear because the Eustachian tube does not function properly.

  • Other reasons include a hole in your eardrum, benign tumours that block the outer or middle ear, or a stuck object, earwax, or an infection in the ear canal. Configuration of your outer- or middle ear can also cause hearing loss. These types of impairment can often be put right with medicine or surgery.

Find out when we can accommodate you at the Pohlen Hospital in Matamata, Cambridge Family Health, or the Kawhia community centre. It is easy to book an appointment and waiting times are short.

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The Benefits Our Audiologists in Cambridge Offer:

We have meticulously chosen our ERA products at every price point from a range of first-rate suppliers worldwide. We offer a five-year warranty, a 30-day no-risk trial, and full aftercare for the rest of your life.

  • Damage in your inner ear or nerve pathway problems between the inner ear and the brain may result in sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL), making soft sounds hard to hear and stifle louder sounds. This is the most common cause of permanent deafness, and a hearing aid will help you.

  • Hearing disorders may run in your family, or SNHL may result from a blow to the head, some illnesses, having been exposed to loud noises or explosions, ageing, or certain drugs that are toxic to hearing.

  • Mixed hearing loss indicates a problem between either the outer or middle ear and the inner ear. Whatever leads to conductive or sensorineural hearing impairment happening at the same time may lead to mixed hearing loss, making the problem worse than if you suffered from only one of these.

Our audiologists can assist if you have either SNHL or mixed hearing loss. We have a clinic in Te Awamutu, and offer our cost-effective services at Hearo Anglesea Clinic Pharmacy in Hamilton.

Cambridge Audiology

There are basically three kinds of hearing loss. At Cambridge audiology, we will determine which part of your hearing has been damaged.