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Half price sale on the tried and trusted Starkey Livio 2400- premium digital hearing aid technology.


The Livio 2400 offers sophisticated and user friendly hearing solution at an unbeatable price. The Livio 2400 has been a proven success for the last five years, offering rechargeable simplicity, fast acting noise filtration and beautiful design.

Livio 2400 - usual price per pair $7600, minus subsidy $1022.22 = $6577.78, half price =  $3288.89 with three year manufacturer warranty and lifetime aftercare!!

(Terms and conditions- this is offer is offered to new hearing aid wearers and is subject to availability.)


50% off the second aid for all latest Premium products- 

We offer Beltone, Phonak, Signia, Starkey Livio 2400 AI latest range, Unitron and as an independent family business Hearo balances top value with quality lifetime aftercare! 


We stand by our guarantee to beat any local competing price quote by $500