Hearing Aid Screening

Know How Your Ear is Doing with the Quickest Possible Hearing Aid Screening

Nothing can isolate a person from his fellow men like hearing that is not functioning correctly. If you are worried about your hearing, test it. You don't even have to come to us. Simply do our hearing aid screening at home or in any other quiet environment you prefer. Are you sure that your ears are still completely fine? Then our test will prove that. All you need is a computer and headphones.

The Importance of Hearing Aids NZ:

If you feel alone and tired because you are constantly struggling to understand what people say, a test can show that you have a hearing problem. This does not necessarily mean that you need a hearing aid. The cause may be a banal plug in the ear or a hole in the eardrum. Nonetheless, if you worry about your hearing, book an appointment with us.

  • Pinpointed questions can go a long way towards understanding where your hearing is going wrong. These questions may relate to your work, or rather, the environment in which you work. Information about your medical history can make us wiser. Did you suffer from ear infections as a child, or did you recently undergo ear surgery? A hereditary background can also be the cause of your problems to hear clearly.

  • Sometimes more than one hearing test is needed. Hearing impairment comes in different forms. For example, we do a speech audiometry if the ability to understand spoken words decreases. On the other hand, a tympanometry is intended to determine whether the sound in the eardrum is being transmitted properly. It indicates the functioning of the middle ear.

  • Sometimes tests show that you can hear very well but that you are troubled by the presence of background noise. In this case, a hearing aid will not help you, but we will refer you to the appropriate professional for help.

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Benefits of Hearo Hearing Aids

Dealing with hearing loss can be overwhelming. However, we can guide you every step of the way to better hearing and show you the available hearing solutions.

  • First of all, you are not alone. About 1/3 of people over the age of 65 have hearing loss. But the problem is not limited to older people. Hearing loss occurs in all age groups. More and more young people are struggling with their hearing.

  • Unfortunately, many people wait too long before they have something done about their hearing problem.

  • Sadly, this is a wrong decision because the technology of the 20th century can't be compared to the smart devices we have developed in the current millennium.

Best of all, no one need to know that you are wearing a hearing aid. Many devices are minuscule or of a material that makes them virtually invisible.

Why Trust Hearo Regarding Hearing Aid Servicing

Take good care of your hearing aid, and it will be your ally for a long time to enjoy life again. Daily cleaning is a must, as perspiration, hair, and earwax can clog up the microphone inputs and the amplifier. Also protect the device against humidity.

Whether you have taken our online test or not, if you are unsure about your hearing, please contact us to visit our hearing centre. We will be there for you.