Hearing is crucial for interaction with the world, and in this modern world, both commercially and socially, relationships are paramount to success.


There are numerous studies showing hearing impairment to have links to earlier on set dementia and Alzheimer's disease. A 2008 study by National Institutes of Health found that diabetics were twice as likely to have mild to moderate hearing loss! This was confirmed in 2012 by research from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.


Often, hearing loss is put to the back of the queue of jobs to sort out, or ignored altogether- unofficial lip reading, guessing, text messaging, social avoidance.

Hearing can deteriorate very slowly, and individuals may not realise that the closest people in their lives are having to speak more slowly, more loudly.


The longer a hearing loss is left untreated, the more a person adapts his or her life to fit it; inevitably this leads to a smaller and smaller life experience. The brain becomes habituated to poorer hearing. 


The more a person adapts to hearing loss, and the longer it takes hold, the further they drift away from the reality of the sounds of life, and immediacy of living.


The gradual forgetting of the detail small daily sounds, and tolerance of louder sounds. It’s a very human thing, when unchallenged in their view, for people to make themselves at home where they are and create a new normal.



HEARO is an independent clinic, so as a team we have carefully chosen our Era range products at EVERY price point from across a range of world-class suppliers. 

Our Era range comes with:

  • 30 day satisfaction no risk trial

  • Full Hearo aftercare for life

  • 5 year warranty

Terms & Conditions apply: Hearing Aid quotations must indicate if the price is inclusive of subsidy and lifetime free aftercare and full 6 year warranty. 


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