We achieve an understanding, between the clinician, and the client. The plan may be to give the client time to think, and process, seek medical advice with our support, or trial some hearing aids.

It may be there is fear of change, it regularly can be a very dramatic experience to improve hearing. People often have heard a horror story, about expensive hearing aids left in the drawer, or had a relative growing up with a whistling ugly hearing aid.


Now we are fitting hearing aids which are small and as fast computers. Being digital, it is all about the precise and rapid handling of information. The acoustic signal is received, converted into digital information, which is in turn altered to match the clients hearing targets, a template of which is stored in the aid, and then transformed back into acoustic signal.

Devices can communicate ear to ear to help build up a sense of direction for the wearer and better locate a sound source They can block out wind noise, using the head as a shield from the wind, the devices decide which aid is protected from the blowing, that aid then provides the hearing for both ears, and the buffeted device just receives and relays sound from the other side.


We have hearing aids available that can link directly to mobile phones, devices that can link to a television directly. We have devices which can detect if an individual has had a fall and automatically send a text message to a chosen family member. They can also measure steps taken during the day, and levels of social interaction.

Hearing aids can analyse an environment, and prioritise speech over and above traffic, or prioritise speech over and above traffic or the voice of the person you are facing.





However good the technology there are two further factors which are essential to a successful outcome.

We have all makes, styles, models of hearing aid available.

Many people are very interested in the rechargeable options, these are indeed very convenient and guarantee the wearer never runs out of power in the middle of Downton Abbey, or a Wedding!

Cost is absolutely essential, and as such we can tailor the needs exactly, only order the features relevant to the individual.

All of our products have a 30 day full refund period. In some cases we can organise a demonstration day.



We use technology called Real Ear Measurement, where we take an acoustic measurement of the individual’s own ear canals, and measure the ear canals acoustic effect on incoming set levels of calibrated sound. 

Using mashed speech signals at soft , normal and loud levels were able to ensure the client achieves and ideal result


The other factor is The HUMAN angle. 


Shock can be real at first, the longer someone has had a hearing loss, the greater the surprise to hear the difference! 














We encourage savouring the experience, marking the occasion, it’s often an emotional time. We do a telephone follow up, in addition to regular early appointments. All new hearing aids, at any cost level can be set for initial extra comfort.

At HEARO, the accuracy and the human side are very important. We inform, advise and support. Most of our appointments come from word of mouth, and for that we are truly grateful.

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Types Of Hearing Aids NZ

Hearo: For All Types of Hearing Aids in NZ

It is not often you find a hearing clinic that provides all types of hearing aids in NZ. We do. Hearo is independent, and therefore not tied to any one kind or make of hearing aid. This allows us to honestly act in clients' best interest, recommending and supplying the device that is best suited to your specific hearing loss circumstances and budget.

Hearing loss is crippling, negatively affecting social interaction and relationships, causing and contributing to loneliness and even depression. It is also linked to other conditions, such as early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, to name but two. The faster your hearing loss is diagnosed and treated, the better the chance of stopping it in its tracks or at least significantly slowing its progress.

Benefits of Hearing Aid Devices

Being unable to hear severely inhibits the ability of a person to interact within the family, on a social level, and with work colleagues or customers, thus effectively disrupting all aspects of a person’s life. Hearing loss usually progresses very slowly and is often ignored until it reaches a point where it becomes unbearable. Hearing aid devices can effectively restore hearing, or at least drastically improve hearing in those with hearing loss, and the earlier it is detected, the more effective treatment tends to be.


  • Most people don’t realise that they listen as much with their brain as with their ears. When your ears hear a sound, it is sent to the brain, which interprets the sound. Once your ears stop sending sound signals to the brain, those cells used to identify sounds become useless and may atrophy, meaning it can permanently lose some or all functionalities.

  • There are many types of hearing aids. Depending on the condition and severity, doctors or hearing specialists may prescribe hearing aid devices ranging from traditional sound amplifying hearing aids to the latest in digital hearing aids, loaded with features, including ones that can connect wirelessly directly with the TV or cellular phone.

  • If you suffer from hearing loss, a hearing aid can add much to your quality of life, often in unexpected ways. In addition to listening to your loved ones, friends, or colleagues and engaging in conversation with them, there are many sounds that we don’t think about, like birds and the crash of ocean waves.

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What Sets Hearo Apart Regarding Hearing Aid Devices

We pride ourselves on our independence from hearing aid manufacturers. It allows us to find the most relevant, cost-effective solution for our customers regardless of the device's brand.

  • We deal with all types of hearing aids in NZ. Whether you need the latest technologically advanced hearing aid or a simple conventional hearing aid, we have the ideal solution for you.

  • Being independent, we are free to scour the market for the best possible deal for our customers. Hearing aids are not what we would call cheap, and our independence means that we are not bound to supplying the product of any one manufacturer. If there is a more effective, or even just a cheaper option, we can get it for you.

About Hearo

Hearo is a professional hearing clinic based in Te Awamutu, with an additional clinic in Hamilton. We are passionate about helping our customers improve their standard of life.


Contact us today to find out how we can help you.