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Are you struggling to hear? Take our free online hearing test today and find out whether it is your imagination or if you need professional help. Hearing is an essential part of everyday life and one that people mostly take for granted. We put our ears through their paces, often not realising the damage that can potentially be done by listening to loud music or being exposed to loud noises in the work environment.

Hearing loss is often not detected until it has become quite substantial, as it happened very subtly and gradually, to the point where our brains become accustomed to the diminishing sound. We don’t notice the small changes requiring us to focus just a little bit more to make out conversations in noisy restaurants. Often, we do not notice that sounds like birds chirping outside become less prominent. By the time we do notice something is amiss and seek help, damage may be substantial already.

Benefits of Undergoing a Regular Hearing Test

We offer fast, convenient, and, best of all, free online hearing tests in NZ. The saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ holds especially true when it comes to your hearing. Among the many benefits of undergoing regular hearing tests, the early identification of a potential problem is chief. As is the case for most diseases and ailments, early detection is key to effective treatment and improved chances of success.

  • Are you constantly pushing up the TV volume even though everyone else in the house seems to be able to hear perfectly? We tend to think that people around us have sensitive ears or excellent hearing when our hearing is deteriorating. The people around you will often realise there is a problem before you do. Going for an ear test will either confirm your suspicion or theirs. Either way, there will be less strife in the house over how loud the TV or music should be.

  • Going deaf is not something to anticipate. Once you notice that you may be suffering from hearing loss, this becomes a genuine fear, which often prevents people from going for ear or hearing tests. Living with that uncertainty is not pleasant. Going for the test will remove any doubt. At least you will know the truth of the situation, and your doctor can then take action to treat it.

  • Hearing loss has been positively linked with other, altogether more severe health conditions such as early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s, to name a few. A professional hearing consultation may be the first step in the early identification of any underlying issues, which we can treat more effectively than if it were identified too late.

Ear Exam

What You Can Expect from Hearo Regarding Ear Screen

Getting your ears tested has no drawbacks. In the best-case scenario, it will confirm that there is nothing wrong with your hearing. If it does indicate that you are suffering from hearing loss, you can do something about it. You will be surprised at how pleasant it is to hear once again all the little things you never realised you are missing.

  • We offer friendly and professional hearing services from our clinics in Te Awamutu, Cambridge, Matamata, and Hamilton. We are highly experienced and always ready to help. You will find our service efficient and compassionate.

  • We are a proudly independent hearing clinic. We are not bound to a single product manufacturer. Hearing aid devices vary significantly in performance, features, and cost. Being independent allows us to recommend the right solution for you based on your requirements, condition, and budget, regardless of the product manufacturer.

  • We offer all makes and styles of hearing aids. From basic hearing aids to the latest technologically advanced digital hearing aid systems. Whatever your hearing loss or condition, we have a solution to suit your lifestyle and your pocket.

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We are a leading hearing clinic servicing Te Awamutu, Cambridge, Matamata, Hamilton, and surrounding areas with professional hearing services. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve the best quality of life by avoiding the loneliness, social and work problems brought on by hearing loss.


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